Ubiquiti airMAX – Gigabeam Plus


he GBE-Plus is a 60 GHz Radio capable of supporting 1 Gbps rates with very low latency. The GBE-Plus can be used as a high throughput backhaul/edge PTP solution in WISP deployments. Housed in an outdoor industrial design, the GBE-Plus achieves significant gain improvements with an integrated Cassegrain reflector design. The GBE-Plus is easy to set-up, configure and manage through the UISP dashboard and UISP™️ Mobile app via Bluetooth.

Low-interference 60 GHz spectrum
35 dBi antenna gain with integrated reflector
1.5+ Gbps bidirectional throughput with low latency
Long range, up to 1.5 km
link.ui.com Planning Support
Quick setup using the UISP™️ app via Bluetooth

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Key Features
airMAX AC 60 GHz Radio with 1.5 + Gbps Throughput, 35dBi Antenna for PtP links



Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm